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We have registered in export development authority in Sri Lanka and we supply spices for domestic and international buyers.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper

Our Sri Lankan black pepper has a quick bite and a lingering aroma. We select only high density, early harvest berries deep black in color. We can provide any quantity with your requirements.


Chili Powder (Red Pepper)

Sri Lankan Roasted Chili Powder’s deep rich aroma and natural flavor will make your meal truly Sri Lankan. Roasted Chili Powder are prepared from toasting Sri Lankan dried chilies and then grinding them to release their potent flavor.



"True" cinnamon is native to the island of Sri Lanka, formerly called Ceylon, just south of the Indian subcontinent. In fact, this cinnamon is sometimes referred to as Ceylon cinnamon, and is prized for its delicate flavor.



Organic turmeric powder comes from a region in Sri Lanka, where the curcumin content is north of 5%. High quality turmeric is high in essential oils and curcumin, which gives turmeric its unique orange-yellow coloring.



Cumin is used in virtually every cuisine that is or has ever been. Our fine Sri Lankan cumin is warm, nutty and slightly hot, with lemon and bitter tones. It brings our sweet flavors in food and is great in chili, curries, stews and soups.


Tea Powder

Sri Lanka is one of the world's most significant exporters of orthodox teas because of the sheer volume grown and exported. The island now known as Sri Lanka was historically referred to as “Ceylon” by the British colonial powers.


Packaging and Shipping

We can export any quantity of products with your requirments as boxes, 20ft and 40ft etc. Firstly you can give the requirement and will offer you a quatation. If you want any sample we can ship first then you can place your order. Please see the contact section.

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